The bbqube - grillsCharcoal or gas - The choice is yours!

The bbqube brings cooking outside! The outdoor kitchen brings not only the fascination of grilling and frying but the entire cooking process from food preparation to cooking and eating outside. This is a unique celebration of garden, patio or roof terrace cooking, with the design of the bbqube garden kitchen playing a pivotal and fundamental role.

Whether grilling with charcoal, frying in a wok or cooking using the lid, the bbqube Outdoor Kitchen provides everything in one modular unit.

The hob is available as combination charcoal grill/single gas burner or as a dual-burner grill. The gas grill can also be fitted with an optional wok support ring.

The gas grills are run on a standard propane gas canister, concealed inside a container. No electrical connection is required to use the kitchen.

Professional equipment meets Design

The smart dual function