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The modern outdoor lifestyle beckons with comfort and pleasure, conviviality and relaxation. In the set-up of this space the outdoor kitchen plays an ever more pivotal role.Just as guests gather in the kitchen at a successful, relaxed party, so the outdoor kitchen becomes the focal point of the garden in summer.
Here, hosts and guests come together, prepare food, enjoy drinks and have a chat.

A fascinating way to create such a lovely atmosphere is offered by the company OCQ - short for Outdoor Cooking Queen - with its outdoor kitchen solutions.The objectives in the development of our concepts were a clean design, high functionality and high-class workmanship. In addition to these exclusive features, OCQ emphasises simplicity and variability.

Come and see for yourself! We are sure to win you over to OCQ's concept!

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With our rich variant diversity, we want to give you the opportunity to compose your perfect garden kitchen.

The modular outdoor kitchens gives you a range of design choices of form, size and function. Whether Plancha grilling, BBQ or a gas hob - simply configure your preferred way of outdoor cooking together with your chosen sink, worktops and storage options to suit the space available.

The bbqube outdoor kitchen is a complete kitchen for your patio, garden or roof garden. Whether you choose BBQ coals, a wok or prefer cooking under the BBQ lid, the bbqube is everything in one block - all covering only 1,80 x 0,70 meters of floor space, with extension possible.

Top-of-the-line performance through individual customisation: bbqube professional | outdoor kitchen is based on the design and choice of materials used for bbqube outdoor kitchen. Size and configuration are custom designed for this product. Grilling with charcoal, gas or electricity, cooking with gas or induction and professional refrigeration are just a few examples of the features of this garden kitchen.

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