bbqube | Outdoor Kitchen
Our Interior Innovation Award Winner 2014Outdoor cooking with the bbqube Outdoor Kitchen at Lake Zurichbbqube | Grilling with the outdoor kitchenbbqube | Black varnished stainless steel outdoor kitchen unitThe gas grill can also be fitted with an optional wok support ringbbqube | Natural stone kitchen unit - here: satinized marble "Graphite Brown"The high quality multi-level stainless steel sink and the KWC premium mixer taps in stainless steel complete the outdoor kitchenbbqube | The system

We love life – indoors and outdoors

That’s why we developed a garden kitchen designed to meet the demanding requirements of outdoor furniture and kitchens, requirements concerning the use of superior quality materials throughout with resource-saving ecological production. That’s why we chose made in Germany. This created an iconic piece for future generations, designed by Michael Schmidt.

The bbqube brings cooking outside!  The outdoor kitchen brings not only the fascination of grilling and frying but the entire cooking process from food preparation to cooking and eating outside. This is a unique celebration of garden, patio or roof terrace cooking, with the design of the bbqube garden kitchen playing a pivotal and fundamental role.

The classic feel of bbqube's design remind us of the great kitchens of the past: a single unit in natural stone or stainless steel, resting on two three-legged trestles made of solid wood. The bbqube sets the perfect scene for a performance - all in an expandable floor space measuring only 1.8 x 0.7 metres.

Make cooking an event with bbqube Outdoor Kitchen!  The integrated design of bbqube turns outdoor cooking into a performance in which everyone can play a part. The entire cooking experience with all its functional processes can be shared outdoors without having to keep going inside to rinse anything or to wash up. Whether grilling with charcoal, frying in a wok or cooking using the lid, the bbqube provides everything in one modular unit.

Preparation, cooking and eating. Simple and easy. From starters to main courses and desserts. Everything together in one place - convenient and sociable.

Designer Michael Schmidt is the creator of the bbqube concept and design.  “I wanted to really stretch out the enjoyment of cooking and grilling. This is one of the reasons why our kitchen was given a gas grill, a charcoal grill and a sink. Also I hate only having a BBQ on the patio and to keep having to go inside for everything else related to cooking.”

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