bbqube professional | outdoor kitchenSpecial Editions for Professionals and Individualists
bbqube professional | outdoor kitchen

Boundless freedom:
The custom-made premium outdoor kitchen

The bbqube professional | outdoor kitchen:
A paradise for both professionals and ambitious amateur chefs. Custom-made according to your wishes, it offers the greatest flexibility. You decide which size, shape, colour, material and features suit you best. Charcoal, electric and gas grills, gas or induction cooktops, and professional coolers are just some examples of the available appliances for this garden kitchen.
High-quality, expressive and exquisite materials processed by selected specialists turn each bbqube professional into a unique and professionally equipped designer piece.

Individual planning - hand in hand.
Every bbqube professional | outdoor kitchen is highly individual - just like your garden, terrace or roof garden. Our expert advisers support you to design an individual garden kitchen that meets all your requirements.
You benefit from our long experience and cooperation with professional garden designers and architects.

Professional quality extraordinaire.
In selecting our suppliers and partners, we emphasise quality, professionalism and sustainability. Our customers, such as kitchen director Björn Waßmuth, appreciate this demand of high standards: „Modern restaurateurs inspire their guests. Not only the product choice and the quality of the food, but also the location itself and the presentation influence the experience. Open-air cooking is a feast for the senses. The bbqube outdoor kitchen convinces even the most discerning restaurateurs with its sophisticated design, adaptable functions and high build quality, and it simply is great fun for me as a passionate pitmaster.”

The art of diversity
We take time for your project and develop your ideal outdoor kitchen: Thanks to our long experience in designing outdoor kitchens and the selection of features and appliances. Considering your requirements, the location as well as our quality consciousness and high aesthetic standards, we create completely novel and unique solutions.

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Reference:Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg
bbqube professional | outdoor kitchen
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