Stone typesHigh-quality materials for exquisite individuality
Satinized marble "Grafite Brown"Brushed phyllite "Ocean Black"Patinated quarzite "Silver Moon"Polished granite "Tiger Black"Ceramic "Limestone"Ceramic "Phedra"Ceramic "Pulpis"

A choice of different types of stone allows you to make your kitchen even more individual. Together with our stone supplier we have selected a range of natural stones and ceramic surfaces to suit every taste and to blend harmoniously into the design of your outdoor area.

Every bbqube is unique and individual – simply one of a kind!  
The use of natural materials such as stone and solid wood means that your bbqube outdoor kitchen is unique - no two stone slabs or pieces of

timber are alike in marbling or colour.

The bbqube is innovative for many reasons: the patented lightweight construction of the natural stone kitchen block and the use of thermally-modified solid wood make the assembled bbqube unit a lightweight (total weight approx. 95 kg). This makes the kitchen simple and quick to assemble or dismantle.

Table of materialsOverview of our carefully selected materials
Natural stoneSolid wood: thermo-treated ash (TMT)Coated stainless steelBrushed stainless steelOutdoor textiles

Natural stone  
We work with one of the leading specialists in natural stone worktops, Schwanekamp. Together we select a range of natural stones such as granite, marble, phyllite and quartzite that are suitable for the bbqube. Each type of stone possesses particular visual attributes and specific characteristics with regards to origin, composition, density and porosity etc. Each selection is checked and graded in our own laboratory in accordance with our strict quality guidelines. Ceramic is a very resistant, easy-care alternative to natural stone. It is made entirely of natural raw materials. This material is a mixture of clay, feldspar and quartz sand and is sintered at temperatures of more than a thousand degrees. Modern manufacturing processes create a very homogeneous and hard material. The surface is very dense, waterproof and completely food safe.

Solid wood: thermo-treated ash (TMT)  
Thermally-modified timber (TMT) is the product of heat modification of wood, during which its main properties are permanently improved throughout the entire cross-section. TMT is the environmentally-friendly alternative to tropical and chemically-modified wood. TMT is weather-resistant, dimensionally-stable and food-safe. It is additionally rendered longer-lasting and more UV-resistant by our additional oil impregnation. 

Coated stainless steel 
Our stainless steel kitchen block is coated and baked with a special high-temperature varnish. The varnish used is a special highly cross-linked lacquer with excellent resistance to chemical and physical influences. This makes its surface extremely scratch-resistant. It goes without saying that the varnish is suitable for use with foods (food-safe).

Brushed stainless steel 
The stainless steel (V2A) and stainless steel components used for the bbqube are sourced from the professional kitchen manufacturer Rieber. Rieber is an established supplier of professional and domestic kitchens who also successfully supply industrial components thanks to their expertise in professional forming (deep drawing of stainless steel).

Outdoor textiles  
Our protective covers are made of coated textile that is water-repellant and yet allows humidity to escape back through the fabric to the outside. This avoids a build-up of humidity on the surface of the protected furniture and enables you to protect the bbqube from greying, mould and natural dirt build-up for a longer period.