Modular Outdoor Kitchen UnitsA great kitchen even for the smallest garden

Outdoor Cooking – Stylish and Convenient

OCQ takes the essential elements of a kitchen such as worktops, water faucet and gas hob outside. A unique feature is the element "Fire Plancha", which introduces a Spanish version of grilling into our gardens. Grilling “a la plancha” means frying at temperatures up to 340°C/644°F. Mouth-wateringly aromatic dishes can be prepared easily in a matter of a few minutes.

Basting food with marinade, deglazing, flambéing and caramelising are typical methods of cooking with a plancha. Thanks to the integrated drainage you can quickly clean the plancha so you are all set for the next course.

OCQ emphasises simplicity and variability. For example, the sink in the OCQ element "Water" doubles as a beverage cooler when filled with ice cubes, and with "Long Island" additional work and storage space can be created between the individual elements.

The "Sidebox" can simply be hooked onto each module's sides and allows the ready-to-hand stowage of ingredients and utensils and also conveniently functions as carrier box. A working height of 95 cm (37.4 in) enables you to work comfortably. From cutting and preparing, to grilling, steaming, boiling, frying, roasting, to dressing, serving, washing up and of course mixing cocktails: OCQ caters to all your cooking-related needs.

Customised Modular Solutions

The modular design allows the easy adaptation to the specific layout of your outdoor space and according to your budget.
Opt for the single module "Fire Plancha" for a balcony, a compact outdoor kitchen for a city rooftop or a complete, spacious kitchen solution for a larger entertaining area or for professional use. The possibilities are endless.

OCQ offers a stylish way to create such a lovely garden dining atmosphere. In the development of our product lines, the key objective was to combine clean design, high functionality and outstanding quality. In addition to these exclusive features, OCQ emphasises simplicity and variability.
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The Spanish version of grilling

The cooking stove for outdoors

Supplies your garden kitchen with water

Adds storage space and a worktop for preparing and serving