OCQ - Combinations of our edition »Grey«Find inspiration for your perfect outdoor kitchen with the elements of the »GREY« series
OCQ - Combinations of the edition »White«Or corresponds the white Edition of our easy-care outdoor kitchen more to your taste?

The airy and compact design allows various combinations of our modules and extensions, so you can customise and adjust your outdoor kitchen to your own wishes and the space available.

The modules can be directly connected to each other standing side by side. Alternatively, two "Long Island" elements can be placed as connecting worktops between two modules,

thereby extending your worktop and adding extra storage space in a quick and easy way. The OCQ outdoor kitchens can be free-standing - as kitchen islands.

They work independently from the power and water supply system. All connections can be reverted, so that the layout of the outdoor kitchen can be adapted anytime to changing requirements.

For the OCQ editions »White« and »Grey« we have selected especially weather resistant materials that are very easy to clean and maintain.

The HPL (High Pressure Laminate) we employ has originally been developed for facade cladding. This application of the material necessarily requires durability and enduring immaculate appearance. No wonder, then, that HPL was soon discovered for the design of outdoor furniture. The raw material with high paper fiber content is pressed under high pressure. The result is a material with high density; which barely absorbs moisture.

Thus, the material does not swell and does not burst in case of frost. Due to the high proportion of paper fibers HPL is not a synthetic material.

Among the special properties of the HPL surface is its resistance to scratching, heat, sunlight, water, acids, fats, solvents and largely to chemicals, which makes it so easy to clean and to maintain. Simply perfect for use in a garden kitchen! You can quickly get rid of pollen, leaves, verdigris etc. by washing it off with a high-pressure cleaner. The open, airy design of our garden kitchen ensures that air can circulate and moisture can always dry off.

Supplies your garden kitchen with water

The cooking stove for outdoors